John Gemmill

CEO Clean Ocean Foundation

As a long time surfer, scuba diver and former Chemical Engineer, John has had a long-term love affair with the marine environment, complemented by an intimate understanding of scientific process.

John is well respected amongst community groups concerned with the marine environment as a thoughtful advocate for both practical and economical environmental reform resulting in better outcomes for the marine environment.

Since 2012, John has re-imagined the Clean Ocean Foundation as a national body respected as an honest broker to both the environmental community and governmental organisations concerned with outfalls.

He sees the National Outfall Database as a cost effective and unique opportunity to unite scientific, statutory and community groups in cooperative approach to produce the best outcomes for marine environment in relation to Australia’s outfalls based on rigorous scientific research.

John gemill

Dr Andrew Fischer

Data Monitoring and Analysis

Dr Andrew Fischer's research focuses on understanding the interaction between physics and biology in the coastal ocean and estuaries. This work integrates observation from satellites, airborne sensors and in situ measurements from ships, autonomous underwater vehicles and moorings. By applying spatial and statistical approaches, this research focuses on understanding dynamic phenomena in rapidly changing coastal waters, in particular, the development of algal blooms and the transport and fate of land-based materials into the coastal ocean. In addition, his research also focuses on conservation decision making and policy for these coastal environments.

Before joining the University of Tasmania, Andrew was a research technician at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. He has taught across the science and policy disciplines at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (USA) and has worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA) as a fisheries observer and as an oil spill response planner.

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